Give to Live reveals that an open heart and a willingness to serve not only changes you, but also the planet. The authors–Dr. Rick Barrett and Dr. Joe Vitale–share moving stories and offer practical ideas on making a difference right where you stand. As you learn to give more, you’ll learn to live more. Here’s what people are saying:

“It is probably one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read and has made me aware of what a powerful message (the lessons in this book) can do to change the world.” –Joseph Sugarman

Give to Live is a MUST READ for everyone! Dr. Rick Barrett’s passion and commitment to making change in the world, and his persuasive exhortation for all the book’s readers to experience the joys and rewards of giving exude from the pages of Give to Live. And nobody weaves his own personal experiences and insights (and those of other successful thought leaders) into powerful and universally applicable ‘laws’, we all can understand and follow better than Dr. Joe Vitale. Thank you both for this inspiring reminder of the ‘power of giving'”. –Jon Biel, Make the Difference Network

“I’ve known the power of giving money to, in turn, receive more money for years and have used this principle to manifest abundance in my life. Give to Live not only gives practical and inspiring guidance on how to give and, thereby, receive more money; it provides profound and inspiring truths about giving our selves in service to others. After reading Give to Live, I was so inspired I am leading a trip to Tanzania, Africa this summer to build a birthing center there. If we all give what we have, it not only will be enough, it will reset our collective emotional compass and make us happy in the process. This joy attracts even more prosperity so we can give even more and the magnificent cycle of abundance continues. This is the message of Give to Live.” –Reverend Will Bowen, Author of Complaint Free World

Give to Live, The Secret to Manifesting Life’s Rewards is  available for purchase as a printed version at Give to Live