Life Enhancement Seminars

Dr. Barrett’s lectures are life changing and designed to:

  • Inspire–create positive change
  • Motivate–maximize human potential
  • Create peak individual performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Unleash innate wisdom to heal
  • Create self reliance
  • Solve health issues
  • Empower and replace dependency on drugs
  • Unlock suppressed human potential
  • Energize


“Dr. Barrett is truly the kind of holistic healing practitioner that the world needs during these chaotic times. This holistic philosophy is reflected in all of his healing endeavors–as an author, a seminar presenter, a volunteer service provider for the underprivileged and as a one-on-one practitioner with his patients and colleagues. It is rare that I have come across a wellness professional like Dr. Barrett who truly understands how the body, emotions, mind and spirit are intimately connected, and through integration resulting in efficient outcomes…”
~Susan Marshall, President, Center for Total Wellness

To fulfill part of his purpose of empowering individuals with knowledge of chiropractic and natural healing, Dr. Barrett has written three books, Healed by Morning; Messages from God for the 21 st Century on Herbs, natural Healing and Drugs, Dare to Break Through the Pain; A Guide to Eliminating Back & Neck Pain Naturally Without Drugs or Surgery! and Improve Your Health Pro-Actively. Dr. Barrett is a dynamic, inspirational speaker lecturing on a variety of healing topics.

He has spoken to groups such as police and fire departments, U.S. government agencies, churches, libraries, schools, as well as large corporations like Chevron, Unocal, Williams Energy, Houston Metro and Fluor Daniel to name but a few.

Stress Reduction Class

The City of Sugar Land Fire Department and I would like to thank you for your enthusiastic involvement in presenting “Protecting Your Back” to our personnel. It was interesting as well as informative. Your relaxed style was well suited to firefighters. We are often in situations which predispose us to many “back” mistakes and the way you addressed these issues provides understanding of application of “back” saving techniques. Your active participation in the safety of your community and our employees is greatly appreciated.

-Glenn Turner, Jr.-Assistant Fire Chief
Training and Safety
City of Sugar Land

On behalf of the employees of the Texas Medical Center, I wish to thank you for the workshop you held for our institution. It was informative as well as enjoyed by all who attended. We look forward to having you come again with more educational workshops. Again, we thank you.

-Tanya Washington, R.N.C., MSN-Clinical Director
Texas Medical Center

We cannot thank you enough for the seminar you presented this morning to the employees of the Missouri City Post Office. Accidents and safety are a constant concern. We must move very quickly to maintain our service standards and there is a substantial amount of lifting involved in moving mail. Instruction in proper techniques to accomplish these tasks is invaluable! We know how busy you are and we deeply appreciate your generous sharing of your time. You will certainly be a welcome guest anytime you are able to visit.

-Bridget Inman-Officer in Charge
United States Postal Service

Thank you for the presentation to Ulta 3 and its management team. The topic of stress management was a timely one to all of us in the retail business. The “hands-on” exercise of pressure point therapy was very interesting. It helped us realize that applying pressure to different areas of our bodies could relieve some of our stress simply. Your approach and technique is easy to understand and quite frankly, you made it fun and enjoyable. Thanks again, Dr. Barrett, for taking the time to discuss alternatives and choices we have to a healthier life!

-Mary Mejia-Manager
Ulta Cosmetics and Salon

BRAVO!! You made a wonderful presentation to our “active retirees.” We heard nothing but rave reviews as students left the classroom. We very much appreciate your spirit of community service and willingness to speak to the Partnership to Enhance Lifelong Learning for a second time this fall. If you have time this spring, we would like to schedule another seminar. I will be back in touch.

-Linda Webb
Houston Community College System

Thank you for teaching our Foster Parent training class. The foster parents enjoyed the training and learned a lot about ADD/ADHD. It was the largest turnout we have ever had for our foster parent training and it was a great success. We look forward to having you teach another class in the future.

Anne Love-Director of Social Services
The BAIR Foundation

We would like to thank you for presenting a most educational program about fibromyalgia at the Missouri City Library. In addition to providing excellent information, you are a resource person in the community. Thank you again.

-Shellie Milch-Missouri
City Library

Thank you for taking the time to present your workshop on Attention Deficit Disorder at the First Colony Branch Library. It was an interesting program and the library received several positive comments about it.

-Lorraine M. Lessey-Branch Manager
Ft. Bend County Library


I would like to thank the Doctors’ Speakers Bureau and yourself for the outstanding contribution made to Bechtel’s August Safety and Health Month. Without the help of your bureau, Bechtel would have missed out on informative workshops including, “Staying Fit While You Sit” to the ever-popular “Headache Seminar.” The time and effort that you put into the programs were outstanding. Thanks to you, August Safety and Health Month was a resounding success! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Laurie Krumholz-Safety & Health Services
Bechtel Corporation

Workshops Offered:

Description of Workshops

Trigger Point/Stress Reduction

Learn how to reduce stress with the touch of a finger! A program that you can do at home or your office that will reduce the physical effects of stress, speed your recovery, improve your results and therefore save you time and money.

  • Gain knowledge about low cost home treatments
  • Learn simple body stretches to keep you loose
  • Learn the true facts about Vitamin & Nutritional Supplementation
  • Learn muscle relaxation techniques (Trigger Point Therapy)

Protect Your Back

  • Learn what can be done at home to heal back and neck pain.
  • How back and neck pain can be treated more effectively using natural remedies versus drugs or surgery.
  • Learn why you never ever want to have back or neck surgery!
  • Learn why doing the wrong thing can double your rate recovery, cost you more money and cause you to lose time.
  • Learn 10 tips for a healthy back.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Did you know that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the #1 workers compensation injury? – Find out how to avoid this.

  • Learn why more than 50% of those who had surgery have a return of symptoms within 2 years and need another surgery.
  • Learn how to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome injuries so do you don’t wind up as a statistic.
  • Learn how to effectively treat CTS without surgery. It works 60% of the time with no side effects.

Staying Fit While You Sit

  • A workshop designed to show you tips on how to sit properly, simple exercises to minimize chances of injury as well as addressing repetitive motion injuries.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D)

  • Learn what A.D.H.D is and how it can be overcome
  • Learn the Quiet and Active Symptoms of A.D.H.D
  • Learn the neurological implications of A.D.H.D & how foods and diet can affect it.
  • Learn the two easiest and inexpensive ways to check A.D.H.D
  • Learn natural therapies and alternatives to Ritalin

Peak Performance/ Nutrition & Weight Control

A five step program which can and will increase energy and productivity up to 40% within 14 days based on compliance, biomechanical and physiological factors. The 5-step program includes: Nutrition customized for the individual based on urinalysis test.

  • Proportion Eating
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Water Intake
  • Stabilized Structure
  • Nerve Stress Reduction Therapy


Osteoporosis is a silent, progressive systemic disease that’s preventable if diagnosed early and appropriate treatment initiated. Effective treatment plans may be as simple as risk awareness and appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes. Women and men, young children, young adults are at risk and are effected every day…it is no longer a disease related to the elderly! Our educational program will inform your employees of the myth of osteoporosis, risk factors and various treatment plans that are available to them.

  • Osteoporosis can strike at any age adolescent to elderly, men and women!
  • It is approaching epidemic proportions-you could be at risk right now and not even know it.
  • 94% of all Americans at risk for osteoporosis have not been diagnosed.
  • Over 28 million- women and men suffer from osteoporosis or osteopenia causing pain and risk of a debilitating fracture-1.5 million each year including 300,000 hip fractures, 20% of these lead to death within one year!


Learn the secrets to permanently eliminating most headaches that your doctor may not know.

  • Amazing new information recently released
  • Understand the neurological and physiological aspects of headaches and learn how even migraines can be eliminated.
  • Learn why you may be treating your headaches the wrong way, which can actually KILL you.
  • Learn to stop the needless suffering and get off the merry-go-round of taking drugs that do not work.


Exercise, Therapy, Pressure Point Therapy, Correction of Sleep problems, and Alteration of Daily Activities

  • Find out more about the causes and cures for fibromyalgia.
  • Understand the neurological and physiological causes of this baffling disease.
  • Learn natural solutions to a misunderstood condition.

Balancing Your Hormones Naturally

  • Over 80 million women in the United States currently suffer with PMS and menopause symptoms.
  • This presentation dispels some of the mysteries surrounding the symptoms women experience with PMS and menopause.
  • Learn an alternative method for addressing these symptoms such as Chiropractic care, and includes numerous related health studies.

Alternative Solutions to Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is considered to be one of the most painful and crippling diseases prevalent in the western world today. In fact, it is estimated that 36 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. This workshop is for those who suffer from the many chronic joint diseases like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bursitis, even Tendonitis and Gout.

  • Learn what Arthritis is, who is susceptible to Arthritis, what causes it, and how to relieve symptoms and steps to help to prevent joint diseases.
  • Gain an understanding of the neurological and physiological causes of this baffling disease.
  • Learn the importance of rehabilitation and exercise.
  • Participants will gain a better understanding of why they suffer from arthritis and will be offered long-term, non-drug solutions.