Massage Services and Pricing

Gift certificates are available for Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal or Sports Massage.

Relaxation /Swedish

30 MIN – $50

60 MIN – $80

90 MIN – $130

120 MIN – $180

Swedish techniques providing light to firm pressure using 5 different strokes that include effleurage (soothing stroke); petrissage (grab/lift of muscle); friction (thumb/finger use with deep circles to thickest part of muscles); tapotement (chopping, beating, tapping); and vibration(pressed or flattened fingers/hand placed firmly on muscle and shaken rapidly for a few seconds).

Deep Tissue Massage/Sports

(medium to heavier pressure to chronic patterns of tension points in muscle tissue, tendons, or fascia)

30 MIN – $60

60 MIN – $100

90 MIN – $160

120 MIN – $220

This therapeutic massage uses strategic strokes to increase circulation, release muscle tension and remove lactic acid. A combination of trigger point therapy, stretching, sports massage and other unique modalities relieve strain, stress and inflammation.


60 MINUTES – $160

90 MINUTES – $220 

120 MINUTES – $300

Specializing in therapies for ongoing maintenance, pain and musculoskeletal soft tissue injury, each therapy is centered and customized to best meet the needs of the patient. Because there is such a large spectrum of medical symptoms, feel free to ask us if we have experience in that area and what we can do to assist you in your wellness journey. A short list of our wellness therapies experience covers, but is not limited to fibromyalgia, breast cancer, anxiety, depression, stress, ADD, ADHD, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, overuse syndromes, tears, pulls, sciatica, headaches, TMJ, the mimics of fibromyalgia, whiplash, SI joint disorder, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve entrapment, torticollis and more. During the process, you will achieve function, restored functional neuromuscular responses, your range of motion and strength noticeably increase and your balance is optimized with uniquely manual manipulation and precise motor reprogramming. Finally, a comprehensive neuromuscular approach that actually helps resolve pain and influencing the mind, body and spirit.

Add-On: Hot Stones  $10

A full body massage, encompassing warm stones with light to moderate pressure. Experience this time-honored method which brings deep, restorative rest through the precise placement of volcanic stones. Our massage therapist gently glides smooth stones over the body, transporting penetrating warmth that soothes mind and muscles. Long relaxing strokes increase circulation, improve tone and induce tranquility and serenity.

Add-On: Essential Oils $10

Add organic aromatic oil which soothes the senses and nourishes the skin. Emerge renewed and serene.


Lavender-relaxing, soothing

Peppermint-revitalizing, cooling

Orange-refreshing, uplifting, energizing

Eucalyptus-revitalizing, clarifying Rosemary-uplifting, purifying

Benefits of Massage

Massage Therapy enhances the function of joints and muscles, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue. Massage Therapy is successful in relieving:

• General muscular tension and aches

• Tension headaches

• Chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries

• Stress and anxiety

During massage therapy, you are encouraged to relax and inform the therapist how to tailor the massage to your needs. Please allow 24 hours to cancel or reschedule your massage appointment or you are responsible for full payment of massage.