Testimonials I’m Thankful For…

It is a privilege to provide chiropractic and nutritional care to my patients and their families. I am honored by the trust all my patients place in me.

If you know of anyone suffering with a health complaint who might benefit from our services, I would love the opportunity to help them achieve their health goals.

My continued hope is to be the chiropractor you wish you had in your family.

Dr. Rick Barrett

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Linda came to our office suffering from headaches due to neck and shoulder pain. She tried Tylenol, ice, heat, and massage but they only relieved the pain for a couple of days. She tried ignoring the pain and moving on with her daily activities as usual. She also tried backing off of strength training for a few days (thinking she had just overdone it). She was having trouble concentrating at work and also getting comfortable since she sits all day. Her sleep was also
interrupted due to not being able to get comfortable, and because she would get up to get an ice pack.
Her daughter recommended that she see a chiropractor. She came in, got her adjustments as per Dr. Barrett’s recommendation, and she said that she finally has relief. Just one week after
coming in, she had no more pain and didn’t have to depend on ice packs to help her sleep comfortably.
Thank you Linda for being a great example to our patients, and others that struggle with pain like you have.
Linda: “It has improved everything for me. I no longer have headaches nor the pain I had before. I’m able to sleep throughout the night and am able to exercise regularly as before. I’ve regained control of my activities and sleep with no pain! Dr. Barrett is great and truly cares about his patient’s results/progress. Glad I found y’all!”

Edward came to our office suffering from pain and soreness in his back and hips that traveled down his legs. He had the most pain whenever he exercised. He tried Tylenol and massages, but nothing helped with the pain. Finally, Edward took a recommendation from a friend to come to Dr. Barrett.  Edward followed the treatment plan given by Dr. Barrett, and began to experience relief in his back and hips. He came three times a week for about three weeks and he is now pain free! He says that he can walk further and better now, and he is able to exercise and not feel pain. Thank you, Edward, for following Dr. Barrett’s recommendations as well as sharing your story that may help others to seek conservative safe chiropractic care. You are a great example to others! We wish you continued good health and pain relief.

​Edward: “Dr. Barrett was good to me, and helped relieve all the pain in my hip, back, and legs.”


I have been coming to Barrett Health Centers since March of 2021. When I first came for treatment, I had extreme back pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I’m in constant pain from head to toe. I couldn’t stand for more than about 5 minutes without extreme back pain. I had to roll around in a rolling chair to wash dishes, prepare meals, brush my teeth, put on my clothes and bathe. I was extremely stiff all over with very limited motion. My treatments consisted of the traction table for months along with adjustments for my whole spine. After a few months, I was able to stop using the traction table. I continue to come in for my weekly adjustments because they help with my stiffness. I can now stand for 10-30 minutes now. I can now walk very slowly for 30 minutes in the park. Walking is my most painful activity, but I push through the pain and I’m glad I can do it now thanks to Dr. Barrett! I can swim or do water exercises with very little pain so I’ve been doing that more. I still have to sit while doing my personal hygiene, getting dressed or small chores like doing the dishes, but now I can do these things without the extreme pain that I had before. Each week coming here helps to relieve my constant pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. My recovery has been slow and I still have many health issues, as well as DAILY pain, but the love and compassion that Dr. Barrett shows to all his patients makes coming here every week worth while. I feel so much better after my adjustments because they keep me going another week. I highly recommend Barrett Health Centers if you are like me and suffer from DAILY pain.  ~ Demetra Buchanan


“About 25 years ago, I was coming home from working a 12 hour shift as a registered nurse. I was almost at a stop behind another person on the interstate when someone plowed into the back of my car twice. I immediately felt my neck hurting and x-rays confirmed that the curvature in my neck was completely straightened. I began medication, physical therapy, and a slew of doctor appointments for neck pain, muscle spasms, arms going numb, many headaches, etc., I was still “dealing with the pain”. Our elderly dog required assistance getting up and I noticed I started developing sharp knife-like pain in the front of my shoulders. I was unable to tuck in my shirt or any move that required my arm to go behind me.

About 3 months went by and I was tired of dealing with the pain. I researched chiropractors in the area and noticed all the amazing reviews on Dr. Barrett. I read a bit further and noticed that he has been in practice for over 30 years and also does mission trips to other countries where he shares his talents to help others. Awesome!

Upon arriving to my first appointment, the staff greeted me with smiles and friendly conversation. They showed me around the facility and asked if I had any questions. I then went in to see Dr. Barrett. After a series of x-rays and discussions regarding my care, he explained how he does the adjustments and certain tools he uses at times that gives him more detailed information regarding the patient and proper care needed.

Dr. Barrett did a gentle adjustment on my neck and upper back area. We discussed a treatment plan and I made another appointment to come back. That night, I noticed that I was able to put my arms behind my back without the knife-like feeling! Wow, what a relief after 3 months of dealing with that pain.

I am still in the early stages of chiropractic care but just these few short visits have already proven to be beneficial.

I hope my story can help someone else who has been living with pain everyday. Know that you have an option to take control over the pain. Don’t wait..relief is a minor adjustment away!

~Tammy Breau






Kelly came to our office after suffering for a year with lower back pain that was radiating into her hip and leg. She tried nonprescription pain reducers and heat, but they only temporarily helped with the pain. The pain made her feel agitated and on edge. She wasn’t able to be as active as she used to be, and it made it harder to exercise. She was tired of having constant back pain, so she took the recommendations of several of her friends (who are also patients) to see Dr. Barrett. She came in, got her adjustments as per Dr. Barrett’s recommendation, and she said that she finally has relief. She sleeps better now—without the nagging ache. She can also do her workouts without having pain!
Thank you Kelly for being a great example to our patients, and others that struggle with pain like you have.
Kelly: “Dr. Barrett and his staff are top notch! You feel like an old friend when you are in the office. Highly recommend it!”


“Lower back pain is a ‘thing’ that I just dealt with because I considered it a condition my family seemed to be cursed with. Since coming to the Barrett Health Centers, my philosophy has changed drastically. Although my pain level has decreased, I tried a massage with Amiga on a whim. The atmosphere she provides is extremely calm and soothing which allows you to focus on just you. The pressure she applies finds pressure points for places where I never thought pain could hide. I definitely will be adding massage therapy to my routine to get back to my old self. I will continue my new resolve that pain isn’t a lifestyle!”

“My name is Lori O’Connell and I’m a patient of Dr. Barrett’s. I first came to see Dr. Barrett in late December of 2020 due to severe neck pain which had been ongoing for approximately 10 days. I’m not sure what caused the pain, but this was the second round of the same pain in approximately 1 ½ years. I tried everything I could think of to alleviate the pain but nothing seemed to work. I tried both prescription and non-prescription meds, ice/heat, and position changes but they would only provide  temporary mild relief if any at all. I became very concerned that this pain would never go away and I’d have to learn to live with this. I did not know what I was going to do and was extremely worried about my livelihood since I was not able to drive or even sit up straight due to the pain. It felt as though someone took a pair of pliers and squeezed my neck and would not let it go. It was difficult to do any chores, driving, or preparing meals since I didn’t have the mobility I needed to complete these tasks. A friend of mine suggested that I go and see her chiropractor, Dr. Barrett, who has helped her with her back problems for several years. I had never gone to a chiropractor before and although I had no preconceived notions about chiropractors, I definitely did not think this type of pain I was experiencing would be resolved with chiropractic. I was so impressed after my first session and was very surprised at the amount of relief I felt. After the first adjustment and Pro-Adjuster treatment I was able to move my neck easier and had more range of motion to both sides. After continued treatment my life has changed significantly. I am able to move my neck from side to side without pain and have complete range of motion. I also used to wake up with headaches almost daily but now they have resolved. I was able to get back to my hobbies and start doing puzzles and cross stitch again. I realize now that I will have to continue with the adjustments and my daily exercises so that this does not become a long term chronic issue. I would tell anyone who is having back or neck pain to make an appointment with Dr. Barrett and his team. I can’t thank Dr. Barrett enough for relieving my pain and making my quality of life so much better.”


Hannah came to our office suffering from a pinching and stabbing low back pain. She tried Tylenol, Ibuprofen, heat, and she even had someone “popping” her back, but nothing helped with the pain. She was mainly relying on the over the counter meds to ease her pain. Hannah was constantly in pain, and it would make her worry a lot and overthink. The pain was giving her headaches and nausea, and it made her feel tired. Since she was procrastinating her homework, her work would pile up and she would have to try to finish last minute, and that stressed her out. Her mom recommended that she come in to see Dr. Barrett. She came in, got her adjustments as per Dr. Barrett’s recommendation, and she said that she finally has relief. Thank you Hannah for being a great example to our patients, and others that struggle with pain like you have. She is no longer in pain!

Hannah: “It’s helped me focus more on my studies. Since my back feels better, I’m not worrying so much.

I love everyone who works at Barrett Health Centers.”


Siobhan came to our office with neck and severe arm pain. She had tried prescriptions for the pain and inflammation, but the relief was temporary and not lasting. She also tried applying ice and heat, and both were only short term relief. She felt limited due to the ongoing pain, and she didn’t accept living with the pain so she did some research on her symptoms and tried going a different route with her treatment. Prior to chiropractic, she had pain throbbing down her left arm, but when she gets her neck adjusted, the pain either decreases or disappears. She has regained the ability to resume her daily activities without pain.

Siobhan: “I have felt so much better after receiving chiropractic therapy. I prefer it over prescription drugs. I have learned a lot about my spine and how to best care for it. Dr. Barrett is not only a great doctor, he is also a great teacher who takes time to explain your condition and the best treatments. I never feel rushed and Dr. Barrett takes time to answer all my questions. I am very satisfied with the treatments I have received at Barrett Health Centers. I am thankful to have found a very knowledgeable and personable doctor. My first impression of Dr. Barrett and the front office staff was positive and it has remained positive.”


Mathias came to our office suffering from a stiff neck, mid back pain, and low back pain. He had tried taking over the counter pain medication for the pain, but they would only relieve his pain temporarily. The pain caused him to have constant pain and headaches. He also had trouble sleeping at night. Mathias had pain while at work because it was hard for him to sit at his desk for long periods. He finally decided to try chiropractic. He came in, got his adjustments and therapy as per Dr. Barrett’s recommendation, and he said that he finally has relief. Thank you Mathias for being a great example to our patients, and others that struggle with pain like you have. He is now sleeping better, and has significantly less headaches.

Mathias: “The entire team is always a joy to work with. I really enjoy coming to relax after a long stressful workday!!!”


“I had a great experience at BARRETT HEALTH CENTERS. Dr. Barrett, is an amazing person and a great doctor. I’m glad I met him. For the past 2 or 3 years he has been my doctor to go to when I have back problems and he is just amazing at his work. He is like family to me. I owe him a lot. If it wasn’t for him I would be suffering from back pain all the time. Thank You Dr. Barrett and you know you always have a seat at our dinner table whenever you like. Appreciate your friendship and work ethic. “

Best Regards, U. M.

Dianna had been living with pain and burning in her lower back for several years. She stopped working in her yard, she let her house work go, and she could no longer take long walks or even stand for long periods of time. She was taking over-the-counter medication, using heat, getting massages, using a whirlpool/jacuzzi, all of which only temporarily relieved her pain. The pain made her feel extremely agitated, and it made her feel older than she was. Her husband had to take over the house keeping duties and her daughter had to help. She even purchased a child’s wagon to carry groceries from the car to her house. Dianna was tired of going on trips, and holding everyone up because she had to take breaks after a few minutes of walking. Finally, her husband insisted that she see a chiropractor because it had worked for him in the past.

After a thorough examination including x-rays, Dianna was prescribed physical medicine modalities to reduce pain and muscle spasms as well as a series of chiropractic adjustments. As Dianna’s pain lessened, she was given specific therapeutic exercises to improve her functional capacity. Dianna came in for her regular adjustments, as per Dr. Barrett’s recommendation, and has been doing fantastic ever since! Dianna’s only regret is not coming sooner! Her family and friends were shocked to see that she decorated the inside and outside of her house for Christmas. (She hadn’t done this in two years.) She was able to cook and bake for everyone. Dianna said that she had forgotten what it was like to feel good. 

Thank you Dianna for being a great example to our patients and others that struggle with pain like you have.

“Love the doctor, love the staff. Everyone makes you feel comfortable. They know what they are doing and they are there to make you better. I think I am taller!”

“Graydon is only two years old. Yes, two! Graydon first came into our office October 2011. Earlier that year, Graydon began having severe ear infections. His mother took him to the doctor several times, and each time the outcome was the same. Every doctor’s appointment ended with a trip to the pharmacy and ten days of antibiotics. Graydon was taking so many antibiotics that they were no longer working to kill off the infection and alternating between different antibiotics was no longer working either. In September 2011, Graydon was seen by his pediatrician for yet another ear infection and his doctor gave him THREE shots and another ten days of antibiotics! The medicine may have been helping temporarily at times, but the infections were continuing to occur. These antibiotics were not fixing the problem! Graydon’s mother addressed these issues with his pediatrician, and was told the only option for him was to have surgery and have tubes put into his ears. The tubes are supposed to keep him from getting as many infections, and in SOME cases, any infections. Unable to accept this option, Graydon’s mother began to look for some alternative methods. After eight ear infections, and even more antibiotics, she decided to schedule an appointment with our office. Graydon came in on October 25th, 2011 and did very well for his first day. Dr. Barrett adjusted him and right away Graydon responded exceptionally well to the treatment. Since the day Graydon started treatment with Dr. Barrett, he has not had one ear infection. He has gone from having eight ear infections in five months, to not having any! Graydon’s mother says he has been sleeping much better and even his digestion has improved quite a bit! This is a great example that big things come in small packages. Graydon is a great illustration of the range of possibilities that chiropractic can offer to everyone from birth to retirement!”

“Thank you for all the services you provide for your patients, and all the charity work you do so many people…” –Leon H.

“We always give thanks for Barrett Chiropractic, the most caring staff and doctor in the Houston area. Your love and kindness permeates your entire staff and every facet of your life.” –K.T. M.

“I always tell you that I want to be patient of the month, but to me you really are my doctor of the year! Thanks so much for taking such good care of me. You and the staff are the best…” –Gail L.

“I appreciate your sincere sense of caring towards your patients. You dedication in your service to the community is awe-inspiring.”–Diane D.

“Dr. Barrett’s office is a great family-friendly place. He and his staff are wonderful and caring people!” –Lucia D.

“I have been to four different doctors and you were the most thorough with your evaluation than any other. That gave me the sence of security I knew I was in the right place. You have a nice, friendly staff as well.” –Jody A.

“Let’s see where I start. I thank you for teaching me the natural way of healing your body. I really enjoy my visits to your office. The staff is always happy to help, with a smile! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”–Audry S.